In China, the original origin of the coronavirus, Wuhan, has finally opened up to the outside world after being closed for 76 days.

Proven healthy residents of Wuhan will be allowed to leave the city from Wednesday, where train and flight connections have reopened. Roads to the city have also been opened. Authorities estimate that 55,000 people will travel by train from Wuhan on Wednesday, according to CNN.

Wuhan, with a population of about 11 million, was shut down from the outside world on January 23 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Life in the city has been extremely limited since then. The restrictions quickly reduced the number of infections in Wuhan.

In recent weeks, restrictions have been gradually lifted. People are allowed to work as long as they can prove they are healthy. Intra-city bus and metro traffic has also started to flow again.

Flights to Wuhan have been opened.

Photo: Cheng Min / Zumapress

The trains are running again.

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Passengers leaving Wuhan in protective gear.

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Although outbound traffic has now been opened, many restrictions within the city remain in place, and for example, the movement of residents is restricted. One person per household is allowed to leave their home for two hours a day in residential areas where no new viral infections have been found for two weeks. People are still urged to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.

More than 2,500 people have died in Wuhan during the epidemic, accounting for 77 percent of all deaths in China.

The battle of China is not over yet

On Tuesday, for the first time during the epidemic, China had a day without any coronavirus deaths. In recent weeks, the number of local infections has been very small, and most of the new cases reported in China have been detected in Chinese returning from abroad.

However, the authorities in China are still very vigilant that infections will start to spread again now that the restrictions have been lifted. The return to normal life is therefore only partial.

A return to the norm sheet can still be expected.

Photo: ALY SONG / Reuters

The people of Wuhan seem satisfied with the opening of the city.

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Although it is now possible to get out of the city, the movement of residents within it is still restricted. Picture from outside the Honda factory.

Photo: ALY SONG / Reuters

"The reopening of Wuhan does not mean that everything is over, nor does it mean that we would relax the epidemic's control measures," Luo Ping, an official controlling the epidemic in Wuhan, told China's state TV channel.

- For the time being, we continue to urge citizens to be vigilant about the epidemic. Don’t go out unless it’s necessary, and wear face masks and protect yourself when you go.

There have also been concerns in China that asymptomatic carriers of the virus could spread it unnoticed.