China News Agency, United Nations, April 7th-UN Secretary General Guterres delivered a speech on the Internet on April 7 to pay tribute to health workers on the occasion of World Health Day.

Guterres said: "Today, we have a deeper gratitude to health workers than ever before. You work day and night, regardless of personal safety, to fight against the epidemic of epidemics."

Guterres pointed out that the theme of this year's World Health Day is "supporting nurses and midwives", and nurses undertake some of the most important medical care. They work hard for a long time, and bear the risk of this kind of work. At the last moment of people's lives, it is often the nurse who gives comfort. Midwives give comfort at the moment of new life. During a pandemic, their work to ensure the safe birth of newborns is more challenging.

Guterres thanks nurses and midwives all over the world for their daily contributions and said to all medical staff: "In this traumatized era, we stand with you, we depend on you, the world is different because of you." (End)