Sweden has attracted worldwide attention with its different approach to the coronavirus. As the number of infections and deaths grows rapidly, restrictions have also been imposed in Sweden, but the closure of restaurants, ports and shopping centers, for example, is still underway.

By Tuesday, a total of 7,693 confirmed coronavirus infections and 591 related deaths had been diagnosed in Sweden.

On Tuesday night, Swedish strategy was commented on in a critical tone by US President Donald Trump. Trump's speeches in Sweden were raised by Aftonbladet, among others.

- Now everyone is talking about Sweden, but there is serious suffering in Sweden. Almost all countries have done as we did, Trump said at a news conference.

According to Trump, Sweden is suffering.

Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP / Journal

As in much of the world, in the United States, most states have introduced various restrictions on citizens to curb the spread of the virus. For example, people have been urged to stay indoors and services have been closed.

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According to Trump, the restrictions have saved “hundreds of thousands” of lives in the United States. In defending the strategy, he reiterated the concept of Sweden as well as so-called herd immunity.

- Herd, they call it a herd. Sweden is suffering greatly. That, too, is one way of doing things, but everyone has kept an eye on each other and so far almost everyone has done as we have. If we hadn’t done this like this, we would have lost hundreds of thousands more people, Trump said.

"You can't take that very seriously now"

Anders Tegnell, a Swedish state epidemiologist, responded to Trump's comments on Wednesday morning on SVT's morning TV broadcast.

- You can't take that very seriously now. It is true that all countries suffer more or less from this. The situation in Sweden is, of course, enormously laborious, not least in healthcare, Tegnell said.

- But compared to the situation in New York, where my relatives work, things still work really well in Sweden, he continued.

Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell commented on Trump's speeches on Wednesday morning on television.


Tegnell recalled that the health care situation in the US state of New York is very serious and there are not enough patient places and supplies there. New York on Tuesday overtook Italy, which had been hit hard by the pandemic in terms of the number of infections.

By Tuesday, more than 140,000 confirmed infections had been diagnosed in the state. The deaths from the virus had caused nearly 5,500 in the same area.

By Wednesday, more than 400,000 confirmed coronavirus infections and about 13,000 related deaths had been diagnosed in the entire United States.

"There is no other way to stop it"

Regarding the herd immunity mentioned by Trump, Tegnell said that achieving it with either vaccinations or a large number of illnesses is the only way to defeat the virus.

- We who work with infectious diseases know that this type of disease will continue to spread until the population has acquired immunity. There is no other way to stop it, Tegnell said.

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According to Aftonbladet’s interpretation, Trump’s attacks on other states and organizations may put tongues at the pressure on him domestically. In his home country, Trump has been criticized, among other things, for slowing down in the fight against the epidemic and for statements contrary to the views of his own medical authorities.