When at 7:45 he received the call from the station, he did not imagine what awaited him today. Javier Morales picked up a couple on Ramón Gómez de la Serna street who asked to go to the Maternity Hospital in La Paz, Madrid.

But, as soon as she got in the taxi, the woman began to scream: "I have it in the taxi, I have it in the taxi! ... We are not going to get there, I have it here!" The husband was trying to calm her and wanted to convince her that they were going to arrive in time to give birth in the hospital.

"When we were halfway there, the woman started to remove her pants and exclaimed:" I have my head out! Another delivery without an epidural! "The husband insisted that she not worry, that it was just a sensation," Morales, 40, explains in a telephone conversation with this newspaper.

At Cardenal Herrera Oria street, the taxi driver has seen some municipal police officers and asked them for help. "They have made way for us to La Paz. I was on my nerves, but I was telling the woman to calm down. The seven minutes we have taken from her house to the hospital have seemed eternal to me , " he says.

As soon as they arrived in La Paz, the husband and the policemen ran out to ask for help , while Morales stayed in the taxi accompanying the woman in labor.

"I have seen how the waters have broken and, when I have turned around, I have observed the baby in the seat. The mother has had her son by herself , " he says satisfied. The little one is called Abel and he is the third child of the family.

Before long, the toilets had arrived to take the mother and baby on a stretcher to the hospital. "We have all been moved , including the police. They have told me that what they are seeing these days is the opposite of this. The father has thanked us and the woman has had time to tell me:" 'Oh, how are you? I've left the car, sorry! ".

However, the hospital's cleaning staff have cleaned the vehicle, which had been filled with blood after delivery.

According to Morales' testimony, she is the third pregnant woman to be transferred to the hospital since the coronavirus pandemic began: "The second pregnant woman was also running very short on time and I also had to skip a red light."

Accustomed to negative news and contemplating an empty Madrid, Morales cannot hide his happiness for having become the improvised hero of the day: "Seeing Madrid like this is pretty tough. At first, I was going to get depressed at home, but I've already gotten used to it This birth has been a moment of excitement and everyone in the hospital has applauded me. "

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