The super moon has also provided an impressive vision in Finland on the night before Wednesday.

A super moon refers to a situation in which the Moon is in the perigee during the full moon, or in its orbit at the closest possible point to Earth. In this case, the Moon looks bigger than usual when viewed from Earth.

Readers of Ilta-Sanomat have sent their shots to the editor, and we put together a photo gallery of what the super moon has looked like across the country.

The super moon on Wednesday night is the largest and brightest of 2020.

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Photo: Petri Juutilainen


Photo: Aki Åkerman


Photo: Jani Mieskonen


Photo: Eero Jussila-Palmujoki


Photo: Teija Rantala

Ferry Island

Photo: Elina Valoranta

Photo: Ville Kiili

Image: Reader image


Photo: Kari Koskinen