It has been incredibly fast from the talk of a new virus in China until much of the world is now paralyzed as a result of a coronavirus. And the effects are felt everywhere.

Deaths and closures

Every day we hear reports about how many people are dying and are receiving intensive care for covid-19 in Sörmland. Tony in Högsjö outside Vingåker has told how he lost both his mother and stepmother in the course of a week. Digitally, we have been able to come home to Corona-infected Kristi in Katrineholm, where five out of six family members show symptoms.

We have also been told that Sweden's oldest restaurant, Gripsholm's inn in Mariefred, was forced to close.

Also flashes of light

But there are also many flashes of light - such as all good powers in both healthcare and other social functions as well as in civil society, which stand up for their fellow human beings and in various ways. One of many examples is the spouses Noor and Mohamad Allatif who drive home food to people who cannot shop themselves in Strängnäs - and are called "my new angels" by Gunilla who receive their help.

In the near future, we will provide snapshots from all the municipalities in Southern Sweden of how everyday life and society have been affected. But we also want your pictures. What does your everyday life look like? How does it feel to you that a pandemic is going on? We are looking for pictures and stories that reflect this time, both the heavy and serious as well as the creative and hopeful. Or the pictures that show that everyday life is actually normal in some cases as well.

Please contact us!

Please email video or pictures to with a short description, or write in our live chat so you can join and help document this very unusual time.

For my own part, I have not yet faced the worst face of the disease up close, but I have talked to health care professionals who tell us about hard work and tough priorities, I have seen the crowded streets and shops in Eskilstuna, I have had small-skinned children at home who have struggled on with schoolwork via distance or relaxed with two-piece bowling. And recently I got a picture from my boyfriend who takes the opportunity to fix a broken roof in the country outside Gnesta because he is part-time.

Now I'm curious about your unusual everyday life!