In SVT's Morning Studio, Anders Tegnell was interviewed over the phone about Trump's statement last night to Wednesday.

- Of course, it is very difficult in Sweden, not least in health care, but compared to the situation in New York, it still works very well in Sweden.

"Still the place for everyone"

According to Anders Tegnell, the situation for healthcare in New York is tougher than that in Sweden, since there is already a shortage of healthcare equipment and places for patients.

- We in Sweden have a hard and hard work, but we still have room for everyone and we still have great capacity left on intensive care that has not been needed.

"Wrong location"

Trump also took the opportunity to threaten to pause US payments to the World Health Organization and criticize the work, which Anders Tegnell believes is being done at the wrong stage.

- WHO is a very important institution in the world in these types of events, and extremely important for us to share experiences and see what happens in other countries. Then, as always afterwards, we will sit down and discuss all the different actors and what we can do better. But right now I think it is just the wrong way to do it, it is important to work with this, not least at the international level.