According to Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd), the restrictions will remain unchanged.

According to Marin, the lifting of restrictions is being discussed with experts from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, THL and the university.

- It is not yet time to abandon restrictive measures. Restrictive measures cannot be abandoned yet, but as soon as the various indicators start to look better, the government will also abandon restrictive measures step by step, Marin said at a press conference press conference.

The closure of Uusimaa will continue until 19 April, in accordance with the provisions of the Emergency Preparedness Act.

- If the disease situation elsewhere in Finland changes, we will act as required by the Constitutional Committee, and the restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible. With these prospects, restrictive measures in Uusimaa will continue on 19 April. until, Marin stated.

The majority of the restrictions are valid until May 13, and restaurants will be closed until the end of May.

- At the moment, it cannot be said that we can abandon these restrictive measures even before these dates.

- Yes, that light is visible at the end of the tunnel, but unfortunately we are not in that situation yet, Marin said.