What is happening to the overseas Chinese in all countries as the new pneumonia epidemic spreads all over the world? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) specially launched a series of "Overseas Stays" series of manuscripts, telling the story of the "war epidemic" left by overseas Chinese. In this issue, Sun Shuqian, a Chinese teacher who is sent to Indonesia by Tianjin, tells her story about her stay.

I am an ordinary Tianjin expatriate teacher. I am a teacher of high Chinese language at the Indonesian Surabaya New Chinese Trilingual School. When a new pneumonia outbreak occurred in China, Chinese colleagues and I around me followed the changes in the outbreak through the media every day. Looking at the constantly refreshing numbers, our hearts are full of worries ...

There was once a teacher from Wuhan who cried out in the office, we can understand her mood, but it is helpless, who is not feeling heavy every day? We are always concerned about our family and hometown.

After the epidemic occurred, the school distributed daily necessities. (Source: provided by the author)

Since the outbreak of the Chinese epidemic, the students here have also paid close attention. Some students often ask the teacher about the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. They sometimes get a variety of news from the Internet. There are some untrue news. This time, I will actively answer your questions, popularize protection knowledge and clarify some facts, so that students have a correct understanding of China's anti-epidemic. Sometimes students also ask: "Teacher, how are your family members?" "Teacher, did your children go to school?" This made me feel warm in a foreign country.

Students in the class. (Source: provided by the author)

After the outbreak in Indonesia, we immediately received greetings from our domestic compatriots. Ms. Peng, the teaching director of the New China Trilingual School, has always been concerned about us, helping teachers buy daily necessities, and distributing important protective materials such as temperature guns and alcohol to the teachers. Kind of care.

Anti-epidemic materials distributed by schools. (Source: provided by the author)

As the epidemic in Indonesia is getting worse, the New Chinese Trilingual School has started to arrange online classes for teachers and students. Although we can't communicate face-to-face with students, we all strive to arrange the content of each lesson, and send the new words and text materials that we have recorded to students to facilitate everyone's learning.

Please be assured that the motherland will do its job well and protect against the epidemic situation, and successfully complete the assignment mission.

Author: Tianjin ninety-fifth high school teacher Sun Shuqian