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The Community of Madrid has begun to give information through the phone 900 102 112 to those who have doubts about the location of a family member who died of coronavirus in any hospital or residence for the elderly in the region. The measure is launched after several people have denounced through the media the problems in locating the coffins of their relatives.

As explained on Tuesday by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the search for the deceased may be carried out by name and identity document number or by the center where they were admitted. In the case in which the body is taken by the Military Emergency Unit to one of the provisional intermediate spaces enabled by the evolution of the pandemic - the Ice Palace, the Justice City of Valdebebas or the Majadahonda skating rink - The funeral company will take you from there to the funeral home or cemetery.

Apart from this new service, the telephone number 900 102 112 continues to provide information on any doubt related to the Covid-19, from possible symptoms to measures to maintain isolation at home and, if it deems it necessary, connects the citizen with Summa 112.

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