In Sweden, a quarter of the nearly 600 deaths caused by the coronavirus epidemic have been recorded in nursing homes in the Stockholm area, Swedish radio reports. Viral infections have been reported in less than half of the 300 nursing homes in the area. At least 159 deaths have been recorded in Stockholm nursing homes.

The Swedish public health authorities report the latest data on the number of deaths crowned in the afternoon. The total is expected to rise to well over 600.

Sweden has spoken this morning about the last press conference by US President Donald Trump, in which Trump highlighted a “hard-hit” Sweden. Sweden came up in response to a reporter’s question about what advice Trump would have for countries whose leaders do not take the epidemic and its response as seriously as others.

Nine out of ten asymptomatic?

There is also news in Sweden that half of all 50 employees in the surgical department at Linköping University Hospital turned out to be carriers of the virus in a corona test. Most of them had no or only very mild symptoms.

It was decided to test the staff after the ward had treated patients with coronavirus.

In an interview with Swedish television, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell estimates that as many as nine out of ten people infected with the virus may not notice that they have become ill in the absence of symptoms in practice.