China News Service Berlin, April 8 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German Federal Institute for Disease Control Robert Koch Institute launched a mobile app on the 7th, encouraging the public to install and use it on a voluntary basis to facilitate the department ’s grasp and analysis Data on the location and speed of the spread of the new crown epidemic in Germany. More than 50,000 people have installed it.

According to the German "Times Online" report, as of 21:38 on the evening of the 7th, a total of 106,573 people were diagnosed, 31,432 people were treated, and 1922 people died.

According to reports, this APP called "New Crown Data Donation" can be installed on smartphones. It obtains the user's health data through sports bracelets or smart watches.

The Robert Koch Institute said on the same day that this application does not provide the new crown detection function, but obtains more data for the disease control department to study the epidemic situation. The principle is to use the bracelets that people often wear to obtain resting heart rate, sleep, sleep and other data. If the user suffers from serious respiratory diseases, these data will change significantly in most cases. In addition, the typical symptoms of new coronary pneumonia- Such as fever, can also be caught by this APP.

However, the app ’s description also states that it will not warn users of suspected infections, and hopes that users will not go out and contact a doctor in time when symptoms appear.

The agency emphasized that this application is completely voluntary installation, and the data is completely anonymous.

"When a sufficiently large sample of symptomatic patients is obtained, it will help us to infer the occurrence and spread of infection in a more timely manner, and also help us to better measure the effectiveness of the current epidemic prevention measures." Will, director of the Koch Institute, said.

The reporter noticed that after trying this APP that day, after installation, you only need to select the brand of the bracelet and fill in the postal code of the location, without providing more personal information. The interface shows "days punched in". It is reported that on the day of launch, the APP has been installed by more than 50,000 people. (Finish)