China News Service, April 8th, according to the British Sky TV website, April 8th, local time, Downing Street, said that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still in the intensive care unit for treatment.

According to reports, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister said that after spending the third night in the hospital, Johnson's "mental state is good."

Data map: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

On March 27, Johnson stated that after having symptoms including fever and cough, he had a new coronavirus test and found a positive result. At the time, Johnson stated that he followed the advice of British health officials and isolated himself for 7 days. On April 5, the Prime Minister ’s Office issued a statement saying that Johnson still had fever and other symptoms and was admitted to the hospital for examination that night. On the 6th, Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit for treatment.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister's Office said on the evening of the 7th that Prime Minister Johnson is currently in a stable state. Although he is still under close observation in the intensive care unit, his mental state is good.

Earlier British media reported that Johnson had not been diagnosed with pneumonia although the new coronavirus test was positive. However, the spokesperson did not confirm the news.