Economic measures The ruling party `` early conclusion of the supplementary budget proposal '' Opposition `` pursuit of problems '' April 8 14:39

Following the Declaration of Emergency under the New Coronavirus Special Measures Law, the ruling party has confirmed its policy to promptly finalize a supplementary budget that includes emergency economic measures. Opposition parties, on the other hand, agreed to follow up on the issue of economic measures.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, the government issued a law-based "emergency declaration" targeting seven prefectures, including Tokyo, on the 7th, while including cash payments to households with a reduced income of 108 trillion yen. We have decided on emergency economic measures that will be around the yen.

The Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party and the Chairman of the National Assembly's Task Force met on Tuesday in the Diet to confirm their plan to quickly finalize the supplementary budget for the current fiscal year that includes economic measures.

"The economic measures must be dealt with by local governments, so I would like to aim for the enactment on 24th of this month," said the Liberal Democratic Party's Moriyama Diet chairman.

On the other hand, the opposition sides agreed that the chairman of the National Assembly's countermeasures met and cooperated in the Diet's deliberations on economic measures, saying that it was "not enough", and agreed to address the problems.

The Constitutional Democratic Party's Chairman of the National Assembly's task force said, "Economic measures are dancing, but I doubt if they are effective. I want to pursue the government strictly."

"I hope that the government and related local governments will work closely with each other to focus on eliminating anxiety among residents and preventing infection," LDP Moriyama National Assembly chairman told reporters.

"I don't think there is a non-urgent bill, and I'd like to come to a conclusion as soon as possible. The Parliament has to play a role."

The chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's ASC meeting told reporters, "As long as there are no infected people in the Diet, we will continue to discuss properly. The committee and plenary session should avoid the three" dense "windows as much as possible. I want to devise something like opening it. "

"The election in the region where the declaration was issued is tough, so I would like to discuss it. If it is better for the residents to postpone, it is better to create a bill that can do that and let the local government decide it."