The Italian city of Verona is remembered as the scene of the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

According to The Times, 38-year-old Michele D’Alpaos and 38-year-old Paola Agnelli have testified that city balconies have love in the air hundreds of years later. Namely, D'Alpaos and Agnelli, who live in neighboring houses, recently found each other in a special way.

D’Alpaos first noticed Agnell last month when they came to their balconies to listen to music from the evening. It has been the way of the Italians to liven up the mood in the midst of the corona crisis.

The music was handled by Agnell’s violinist sister, who decided that night to play the Queen’s iconic hit We Are The Champions. The neighbors were enchanted and gave applause to the caller.

- My sister and I live with our mother on the sixth floor. Michele lives across the street on the seventh floor, and the music was like an arrow fired by Eros, Agnelli commented.

D'Alpaos got to know Agnell from his own sister, who goes to the same gym with him. The man traced his interest to Instagram, after which the fervent communication that continued until three in the morning began.

It turned out that the duo had lived opposite each other for a long time. However, apart from a brief encounter on the street a year ago, they have never met each other.

“Our balconies are too far apart to hear each other’s voices, but we talk on the phone and look at each other,” D’Alpaos says.

- When there is death all around now, this has brought a ray of sunshine and made people happy, Agnelli accompanies.

Due to strict movement restrictions, the couple is not going to meet secretly in the street corners.

- When this is over, our first dates will be on a bench in a nearby park. However, our relationship is magical and we can’t wait for it, says D’Alpaos, who has erected a large “Paola” banner on the roof of his house.