Prof. Lee Kook-jong appeared in the campaign video of candidate Yun Yoon-hee of the future unification party running for Osan City, Gyeonggi-do, and attracts attention.

Candidate Choi released a cheering video sent by Professor Lee Kook-jong directly to the YouTube channel 'CHOI Yoon-hee TV' on the 2nd.

"Hello, I'm Surgeon Lee," said Professor Lee, who said, "I've been working together for a long time in the Navy."

Professor Lee commented on the 'Operation of the Dawn of Dawn', which the South Korean Qinghai Forces had attempted to rescue a Korean ship that was kidnapped by Somali pirates. To help us decisively. "

He also said that Choi, as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worked hard to advance the medical care of the military and protect the lives of the soldiers.

Candidate Choi also delivered an episode that he experienced together, saying, "In the past, when a soldier stepped on a land mine and was seriously injured, Professor Lee Kook-jong insisted that he would somehow save him and never cut his ankle.

In addition, he said, "Please understand that you were rooted in the Navy rather than in a political sense."
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