WeWork, a share office, sues the SoftBank Group on April 8 at 6:38

WeWork, a major US share office, filed a lawsuit in a court on July 7 with a complaint that the SoftBank Group in Japan had canceled the purchase of up to 300 billion yen in shares as a support measure.

The SoftBank Group, which has invested in WeWork, whose management has deteriorated, announced last October that it would provide additional support of approximately 1 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

However, earlier this month, it announced that it would cease to buy up to $ 3 billion or JPY320 billion in Japanese yen from existing WeWork shareholders.

In response, a special committee formed by WeWork's parent company's board of directors filed an appeal in a court in Eastern Delaware on Wednesday, demanding that the company purchase the shares as scheduled, saying, "We cannot escape our obligation to buy stock." .

The statement also states that "SoftBank is under the pressure of activists, the sayholders."

SoftBank has a policy of continuing to provide the support itself, and restructures the management of WeWork as planned.

However, as the spread of the new coronavirus continues in the world, it is unavoidable that the number of users at the rental offices operated by WeWork will inevitably decrease, and some say that the business environment will worsen in the future.