In a time where half of the world's population is limited by quarantine measures, more than 3.3 million voters in Wisconsin are asked to come to the polls on Tuesday. They should express their preference in the presidential primaries, which would otherwise be "fundamentally influenced and changed".

For example, the court of justice in the state with over 5.7 million inhabitants. In addition to the presidential elections, thousands of seats in local governments and a coveted place in the courts are also at stake.

The idea to suspend elections, as previously happened in Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia, and several other states, for example, came from Democrat and Governor Tony Evers, The New York Times writes.

However, the state court is in the hands of the Republicans, who had criticized the proposal several times. Judges eventually voted to party lines.

Vote today, Tuesday, for highly respected Republican, Justice Daniel Kelly. Tough on Crime, loves your Military, Vets, Farmers, & will save your 2nd Amendment. A BIG VOTE!

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Residents must choose between voting rights and their health '

Evers reacted shocked to the result. "On Tuesday, thousands of people will have to choose between their right to vote and their right to live a healthy and safe life." President Donald Trump expressed his hopes on Twitter that voters will vote for Republican candidate Daniel Kelly. "Stay safe on this big day."

Elsewhere in the country, developments in Wisconsin are also looked upon with misunderstanding. The United States is struggling to control the coronavirus outbreak and has seen the number of infections and deaths explode in recent weeks, to 370,000 patients and nearly 11,000 deaths. In Wisconsin, some 2,500 people are said to have fallen ill, and 83 patients have died.

In the Democratic primaries, ex-Vice President Joe Biden is on track to face President Donald Trump in the final election. Biden already got over 1,200 electorial votes behind him, putting his rival Bernie Sanders (900 electorial votes) at an almost irreconcilable gap.

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