U.S. White House spokeswoman retired without holding a press conference on April 8 at 6:53

The United States White House has announced that spokeswoman Grisham will retire. His resignation last year without a press conference since his appointment last year left President Trump, who has a lot of media exposure, to take his spokesman out of his role as a government spokesman.

The U.S. White House has announced on Monday that spokeswoman Grisham has retired and will be appointed assistant to Lady Melania.

Despite his appointment in June last year and the appearance of media such as the Trump administration, Grisham had never had a regular press conference held by White House spokesman.

President Trump often responds directly to media questions, especially after the spread of the new coronavirus in the United States, holding press conferences for over an hour each day, and a spokesman as a spokesman for the administration. Was to be taken away by the President.

Mr Grisham's successor is named after Cary McKenny, a spokeswoman for the Elections Headquarters for Trump's reelection.