U.S. Democratic Party Preliminary Round: Staff not dispatched to polls, dispatched National Guard April 7, 7:07

In the U.S. as the outbreak of the new coronavirus spreads, a primary election in the U.S. to select Democratic candidates for the presidential election took place in Wisconsin in the Midwest. Was an unusual situation to be dispatched.

To date, Democratic candidates have been elected in 27 states to challenge President Trump in the United States, and ABC Television has shown that former Vice President Biden has 1208 deputies and Senator Sanders has 897 Senators Biden. He is nearing nomination, but a number of states are delaying voting with the spread of the new coronavirus.

In the state of Wisconsin in the Midwest, a primary election vote was held on Wednesday when an order was issued to ban the country from spreading due to the spread of the disease.

However, many of the polling station staff did not gather due to concerns about the infection, and in Milwaukee, the largest city, only 5 out of 180 polling stations were opened, and the state dispatched 2,500 national troops to vote. I was hit.

Democratic governor Evers ordered a postponement on the 6th of the day before the primary election, but a Republican majority in the state legislature objected to the state's Supreme Court, which did not allow the postponement. .

Few voters actually voted at the polls, while 800,000 have already voted in the mail, and the tally is expected to take place next week.

However, there have been criticisms that the political confrontation has caused the National Guard to open the polling place, and there are criticisms that it will affect the decision whether other states will resume the primary election in the future .