The World Health Organization announced that the world needs an additional six million people working in the field of nursing, and WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier said yesterday that the organization does not have comprehensive recommendations for countries and regions in terms of mitigating measures to slow the spread of the emerging Corona virus (Covid) -19), but warns against mitigating measures to contain the spread of the virus prematurely.

"One of the most important aspects is not to give up procedures prematurely so that there is no relapse again. It is like being sick if you get out of bed early, and you run prematurely, you run the risk of experiencing a relapse, and you suffer complications," the spokesman added in a video conference. .

In a related context, the organization announced, in a report issued yesterday, that the world needs about six million additional people working in the field of nursing.

The organization stressed the primary role of professional nurses, who represent more than half of the medical staff, and the regional director of the World Health Organization, in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, Ahmed Al-Manzari, warned that the situation in the region at this level is alarming.

In addition, the number of deaths from the emerging corona virus reached 75 thousand and 538 deaths around the world, including 53 thousand and 928 in Europe, which has become the continent most affected by the virus, according to a toll prepared by «AFP», according to official sources.

The number of deaths in the virus increased in Italy to 16 thousand and 523 deaths, followed by Spain 13 thousand and 798 cases, then the United States 10 thousand and 993 cases, then France 8911 deaths.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic last December, one million and 350 thousand and 759 injuries have been recorded around the world, including 708 thousand and 898 in Europe alone. The number of injuries in the United States and Canada is 384 thousand and 947 cases, while Asia recorded 122 thousand and 348 injuries.

The European Medicines Agency stated that the continued availability of medicines, especially those used for "Covid-19" patients, has become a matter of great concern to them, and the agency clarified that some European Union member states indicated that they are beginning to see a shortage of certain medicines used to treat people with HIV, Or, you expect this shortage to happen very soon.

HIV infections exceed one million and 350 thousand around the world ... and deaths exceed 75 thousand.