• Distance learning, Azzolina: school year will be valid, 85 million coming
  • Coronavirus. School is done remotely


07 April 2020 As regards the 2020 maturity , there are two scenarios: if you return to the classroom by 18 May, more complete examinations with "internal commission with the external president" are possible. Otherwise, only oral test to be taken in all probability online. Azzolina reiterated in the last days that the students will all be admitted to the exam, but not automatically all promoted: therefore excluding the "6 politician". If we return to class by this date, and therefore have four weeks of lessons, the final exam would be carried out on June 17 with the topic of Italian, a national test equal for all. The second written test will instead be prepared by the single exam commission. The decree establishes that the exam commissions are composed of internal professors and an external president.

As for the third grade exam , if the closure continues beyond May 18th, the test will not be carried out, but will be limited to the delivery of a dissertation and to the final mark that will be assigned by ballot. In this case, promotion guaranteed for everyone. It was possible to return to the benches before 18 May, with a simplified examination planned.

As for the other classes, exceptionally this year all students will be admitted to the following year, even those with insufficiencies registered in the first four months.

Green light to the recruitments requested by the Ministry of Education to recover part of the places freed in the summer of 2019 from quota 100. These are 4,500 places that will go to the winners of the competition or to those present in the rankings until exhaustion, who have not been able to fill these places last September because they had not been made available.

" Distance teaching is no longer optional, but becomes the cornerstone of our school system to give dignity to the work of teachers and students - commented the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina - The 85 million allocated to support teaching at a distance, immediately made available to the institutes that are already using them, they are a demonstration. "

Distance learning helped us save the school year. Obviously, it does not replace and can never completely replace face-to-face teaching - continued the minister - But it was the only possible answer to not leave children and young people alone and guarantee them the right to study provided for by the Constitution ''.

'' Everything that has been done will be enhanced. What could not be done due to objective difficulties will be recovered, in the interest of students and children - concludes Azzolina - We put the rights of children at the center. Nobody will be left behind. ''