China News Service, April 8th, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in France, the spokesperson of the French Embassy in France stated that the person in charge of the French Overseas Chinese League and the international students were detained by the French police:

We have noticed media reports that on April 5 the heads of two French-Chinese associations were detained and questioned by the French police. At the time of the incident, the embassy expressed its concerns to the French police for the first time and provided the necessary support to the parties through legal channels. Both have been released.

We learned that the above two responsible persons assisted in distributing masks free of charge to Chinese compatriots in France who are in urgent need of epidemic prevention materials at the request of the Zhejiang World Federation of Wenzhou People ’s Associations, some of which were also donated to French hospitals, police stations, etc. Frontline anti-epidemic agency. It should be emphasized that these masks are imported through legal channels. The French government does not prohibit people from wearing masks. The two responsible persons are engaged in public welfare rather than commercial activities, and have not violated the relevant French laws and regulations.

The media also reported that three Chinese students at noon on the 7th were detained by the police for assisting the Chinese embassy in sending a "health bag" for foreign students. Our library immediately sent staff to the police station to negotiate after receiving the call for help. Three students were released on the afternoon of the same day, and the "health pack" was returned.

We have expressed concern to the relevant departments of the French government regarding the above incidents and hope that similar incidents will not occur again. The Chinese Embassy in France will, as always, do its utmost to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese compatriots in France.