In the April 15th general election, it's only a week left. It's time to slowly figure out who to shoot, and the Democratic leadership that visited the Gangnam Belt in Seoul yesterday is on the same track as Yeongnam and Honam.

Reporter Park Ha-jung on the sidewalk.


The Democratic Party leadership toured five so-called 'Gangnam Belt' districts from Seocho, Gangnam, and Songpa-gu in Seoul.

All active lawmakers belong to the United Party, which is a rough spot for the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party pours customized comments aimed at Gangnam's vote, saying that if the candidate of the United Party puts a flag on the Gangnam Belt, the era of election must be ended.

[Lee In-young / Furthermore, Democratic Party Chairman of the Democratic Party: Let's exert such wisdom to maintain the spirit of the law while harmonizing civil affairs related to the final tax and reconstruction and to achieve proper balance.]

Nak-yeon Lee, the chairman of the Election Countermeasures, focused on Jongno, the district, appealing to pick the right people to overcome the Corona19 crisis.

[L Nak-yeon Lee / President of the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party (Seoul Jongno): Please select the person who is ready to work rather than the person who is preparing to fight. (If that person is a king, I wish I was Nakyeon Lee.]

Today, the Democratic Party will also hold a predecessor meeting in Gwangju in collaboration with the Citizens' Party.

Nak-yeon Lee, chairman of the National University, seeks to focus intensively in search of Busan and Gyeongnam.

The Minsheng Party is engaged in an all-out war in the metropolitan area and Honam today.

Justice Jeong Sang-jeong, president of Shim Jung-jung, will travel to Busan and Ulsan to appeal for support.