The Minister of Education, Hussein Al Hammadi, extended his sincere condolences to the family of the female citizen teacher, Aisha Issa Alawi Omar Al-Aidarous, who passed away the day before yesterday, while fulfilling her duty to teach remotely to students of “Umm Kulthum School for Secondary Education” in Al-Amrah, Al-Ain City. The Ministry of Education also called the late teacher, on her official account on Twitter, in which she said: “With great sadness and sorrow .. The Ministry of Education extends its deepest condolences and sympathy to those with education, Aisha Alwi Omar Al-Aidarous, an information technology and computer teacher, at Umm Kulthum School in Madinah Eye".

The brother of the late teacher, Abdul Rahman Al-Aidarous, told «Emirates Today»: “My sister (44 years old) is a mother who is a daughter in the fourth year at Emirates University. He was born in the 11th grade in a private school, and she did not complain of any symptoms. And appreciate it ».

He added, “His sister was performing her duty towards her students, and during the explanation she felt a sudden chest pain, and her heartbeat stopped, and we completed the burial procedures on the same day, and the matter was limited to the family only, as consolation was accepted remotely, whether through a phone call or the (Whatsapp)".

He pointed out that they received a phone call from the Minister of Education, Hussein Al-Hammadi, as soon as the news became common, during which he offered his sincere condolences and sympathy to the family, and stressed the sadness of the educational field on the loss of a teacher acclaimed competence and creation, and she taught and graduated generations of students over the course of her 20-year work, remarkable He received another call from the head of Al Ain’s educational district, Rahma Al-Rubaie, to offer condolences.

For its part, the director of "Umm Kulthum Secondary School", Asmahan Al Kaabi, stated that "the late working in the school is an information and computer technology teacher, and was an example of a model teacher loved by all of her colleagues and students."