On Wednesday night, it’s worth turning your gaze toward the sky, as the moon looks bigger than the whole year. This is the so-called super moon.

A super moon refers to a situation in which the moon is in the perigee during the full moon, ie in its orbit at the closest possible point to the earth. In this case, the moon looks bigger than usual when viewed from the ground.

  • From the video above you can watch a live broadcast of the super moon in Rome. The broadcast will start at 8:30 p.m.

FMI meteorologist on duty Pyykkö Peter tells us that the best time to head to look at the moon is after midnight, at least in southern and central Finland, the sky should be cloudless practice.

- The sky is clearing from the west, and between twelve and four in the morning it is very clear in south-central and eastern Finland. There should also be no fog to interfere with viewing, Pyykkö says.

The moon is at its peak on Finnish morning at 5.35 am.

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