The so-called super moon has been admired tonight around the world.

A super moon refers to a situation in which the Moon is in the perigee during the full moon, or in its orbit at the closest possible point to Earth. In this case, the Moon looks bigger than usual when viewed from Earth.

  • The video above shows how the super moon is rising in the Middle East.

The super moon on Wednesday night is the largest and brightest of 2020.

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Paris, France

Photo: REUTERS / Charles Platiau

Warsaw, Poland

Photo: REUTERS / Kacper Pempel

London, United Kingdom

Photo: REUTERS / Dylan Martinez

London, United Kingdom

Photo: George Cracknell Wright / London News Pictures via ZUMA Wire

St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo: REUTERS / Anton Vaganov

Mow Cop, United Kingdom

Photo: REUTERS / Carl Recine

Venice, Italy

Photo: REUTERS / Manuel Silvestri

Kappara, Malta

Photo: REUTERS / Darrin Zammit Lupi

Berlin, Germany

Photo: REUTERS / Michele Tantussi

Manama, Bahrain

Photo: REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed

Mir, Belarus

Photo: REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko

Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic

Wolxheim, France

Photo: REUTERS / Christian Hartmann

Kappara, Malta

Photo: REUTERS / Darrin Zammit Lupi

Rome, Italy

Photo: REUTERS / Guglielmo Mangiapane

Vienna, Austria

Photo: REUTERS / Leonhard Foeger

Berlin, Germany

Photo: REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch