The Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced yesterday that, as part of the efforts made by the Kingdom to preserve public health and prevent the spread of the Corona virus emerging (Covid 19), it is in addition to what was previously announced the day before yesterday regarding curfews 24 hours a day in areas “Riyadh, Tabuk, Dammam, Dhahran, Hofuf, Jeddah, Taif, Al-Qatif, and Khobar”, it was decided to provide curfew hours in the rest of the regions and cities in the Kingdom, to start from three in the afternoon until six in the morning starting today.

An official source at the Ministry of Interior said, in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency, "SPA", in order to ensure the sustainability of citizens and residents' access to their needs and their access to service requirements, it was decided to allow the provision of catering services (except mobile vehicles, party restaurants and banquet kitchens) to external requests through applications Delivery or its own fleet, subject to health requirements approved by the competent authorities, until 10 pm in all regions of the Kingdom.

He added that the work of gas stores, clothes launderers, maintenance and operation works, plumbing technicians, electricity and air conditioning, as well as the work of sewage tanks and rapid maintenance centers for vehicles (inside gas stations) will be allowed, and excluding farm owners, beekeepers, livestock owners, poultry and fish projects from preventing movement, and allowing them to continue their work And, through the issuance of a one-time permit per week, and does not include curfews working in charitable societies, volunteers and neighborhood centers from six in the morning until three in the afternoon.

For his part, the Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah, confirmed that the high number of infections in the next stage with the Corona virus depends primarily on everyone’s cooperation and their commitment to guidelines and directives, warning that some of the community members did not apply the slogan “We are all responsible”, and did not They take the seriousness of the epidemic seriously enough, and they have not adhered to the warnings issued stressing the seriousness of contact and gatherings. The minister said, according to what was reported by "WAS": "From the principle of transparency that we are committed to, I share with you the results of four different studies that Saudi and international experts specializing in the field of epidemics have based on, as these studies expected that the number of injuries during the next few weeks ranges between 10 Thousands of injuries at the minimum level, up to 200 thousand injuries at the highest level, there is no doubt that our commitment to instructions and procedures in its entirety reduces the number of injuries to the minimum, while non-compliance will lead to a tremendous increase in the number of injuries ».

He explained that, despite the unlimited support from the state to combat this pandemic, there are two problems. The first: The lack of sufficient supply in the global markets of medical devices and supplies that meets all of our future needs in the event of high casualties, and the second: that some of the individuals underestimate Society by adhering to precautionary measures may lead to the number of injured - as studies have confirmed - to a level that the health sector cannot meet.

In a related context, the ministry announced the increase in the total number of cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom to 2795 cases, the registration of three new deaths, and the registration of 64 cases of recovery, bringing the total of recovered cases to 615.