Educators in private schools in Abu Dhabi «Emirates Today» have not received the salary of last March until now, and that the schools decided to reduce salaries by up to 50%, with layoffs of teachers, administrators and auxiliary workers, while collecting full tuition fees from the students ’students.

A teacher of Arabic language and Islamic education at one of the private schools, Ahmed Maghazi, said that the school decided to end its services and three others, because it seeks to reduce costs, while the rest of the teachers were informed of the reduction of salaries by half. While female teachers, Najwa Hussein, Sherine Fahim, Naama Abdullah, and Aida Farouq indicated that schools deduct spring leave from the March salary, and consider it as leave without salary for some teachers, while other teachers were calculated on the basic salary only, and teachers were told that The salaries will be reduced starting from the current month's salary (April).

Art teachers, computers, and classroom assistants pointed out that their schools decided to dispense with a number of them, on the pretext that the implementation of e-learning canceled the reason for their presence, and that reducing operational costs forces schools to make this decision.

Teachers emphasized that the March salary has not been handed over to them yet, even though their schools did not reduce tuition fees, noting that some schools took advantage of the “Corona” exceptional procedures to increase their profits at the expense of teachers.

While officials in private schools, requesting that their names not be mentioned, attributed the decision to reduce salaries to more than 70% of the students who did not pay the fees for the third semester, and most of them applied for exemption or postponement, and schools cannot compel anyone to pay in such circumstances, and By studying requests to provide the utmost assistance to them.

They pointed out that the salary reduction is carried out in accordance with the teacher, and includes, as head of activities teachers, teacher assistants, and auxiliary workers, some of whom requested leave without pay, stressing that the first grade of departments initiated a reduction in their salary to reduce the number of affected people.

Keep the teachers

The Department of Education and Knowledge called on private schools to maintain teachers and not reduce their wages, and confirmed in a circular sent to school administrators, that teachers work hard during this period, and we strongly advise against reducing their wages, as it may be difficult for the school to retain these experiences after this crisis has ended, And if there is an urgent need to reduce teachers ’wages, they can be negotiated with them to find solutions that satisfy both parties.