Abe Emergency Economic Measures Fiscal expenditure is 39 trillion yen

Prime Minister Abe has announced that government spending will be 39 trillion yen in emergency economic measures with a total business size of about 108 trillion yen due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. He called for cooperation for implementation.

At a meeting of the government ruling party held on July 7, the government included emergency cash measures of 300,000 yen for households with reduced income, and indicated emergency economic measures with a business scale totaling about 108 trillion yen, the largest ever. Was.

In this context, Prime Minister Abe stated, `` In this economic measure, the ultimate aim is to protect the lives and lives of the people, and take the pledge by mobilizing all policy measures, such as finance, finance and taxation, without being bound by precedent. Measures have been taken. "

In addition, he said, “With unprecedented strong funding support, Japan's first bold grace system for taxes and social insurance premiums totaling 26 trillion yen, and cash payments exceeding 6 trillion yen, etc. It was one of the largest economic measures in the country. "He clarified that his budget expenditure was 39 trillion yen, and urged ruling party leaders to cooperate in implementing the measures.

Komei Yamaguchi, Representative, “Easy to understand for the people and well explain the financial resources”

"The Prime Minister Abe gave an explanation over the phone yesterday. I want him to explain clearly. The state and local governments should make sure that the emergency declaration is effective. It is important to cooperate with each other. I hope that the people of Tokyo will be able to change their consciousness, so to speak, be prepared. "

Yamaguchi said, “It is an unprecedentedly large-scale measure that mobilizes all means. It is important to follow up the process of implementing economic measures effectively. It is important to overcome difficult times while gaining understanding. "