President Trump's policy of summarizing additional measures of 27 trillion yen as early as April 7, 7:11

In the United States, there is a growing possibility that the funds for government economic measures prepared for small and medium-sized businesses affected by the spread of the new coronavirus will soon run short, and President Trump added an additional 27 yen in Japanese yen as soon as possible. We have clarified our policy to summarize measures worth trillions of yen.

In the United States, the largest economic measure in the U.S. with a total of 230 trillion yen in Japanese yen has been enacted last month to respond to the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus.

Of this amount, 37 trillion yen is provided for small and medium-sized restaurants and factories that have been forced to take leave of absence etc. to maintain employee employment and continue to pay salaries, but applications have been accepted since last Friday's reception It's rushing and there is a possibility of running out of money.

In response, President Trump said on Wednesday that he had urged Congress to pass a bill that would add $ 250 billion to the White House, calling for an additional 27 trillion yen in Japanese yen. Revealed what he had asked Congress to do.

It seems that the number of small and medium-sized businesses has been applying at a faster pace than originally expected, and that the real economy has deteriorated more than the government expected, but the Trump administration has decided to stop the serious deterioration in the employment environment. Our policy is to further strengthen fiscal dispatch.