PKO personnel infected in Mali, Africa Task to balance security and control infection at 6:58 on April 8

The UN has revealed that 56 people, including two PKO peacekeepers, were infected with the new coronavirus and killed five people in Mali, an insecure region of West Africa. How to balance security and control infections is likely to be a new issue.

The United Nations Security Council held a video meeting on the situation in Mali on Tuesday, with the UN Secretary-General of the United Nations delegation, Special Representative of the Secretary-General Anadiff, saying, "Mali is no exception to the pandemic." He reported that 56 people were infected and five people died, and two of those infected were PKO personnel.

He further clarified that private airmail services would be suspended and that no PKO replacements be dispatched until the end of June.

The UN Presidency of the Dominican Republic, the presidency of the Security Council this month, announced that it had agreed to work with Mali's UN mission on infection control and to call on the Government of Mali to ensure the security of PKO personnel. .

According to the World Health Organization, WHO has confirmed 7092 infections and killed 294 people in Africa as of July 7.

Last month, the United Nations announced plans to help fight infection in developing countries, including Africa, but how to limit the spread of infection while maintaining the work of PKO personnel in unstable security countries and regions, including Mali. Is likely to be a new issue.