(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) New York recorded the highest number of single-day deaths since the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia

China News Service, New York, April 7 (Reporter Madelin) New York Governor Andrew Como said on the 7th that 731 people died in New York State on the 6th from New Coronary Pneumonia. Daily death toll.

Como held a press conference in Albany, the capital of New York State. He said that the latest death toll mainly reflects the condition of patients admitted to the hospital a week ago. New York State added 656 new patients on the 6th, an increase from the previous day, but overall it is still declining; 89 new intensive care patients have declined for 3 consecutive days; the number of new discharges is 1,224, which is basically the same as the previous day. Como said that the implementation of "social distance" and home work orders have played a role in smoothing out the infection curve, and New York State may now be on the "margin" of the epidemic. At present, more than 138,000 people have been diagnosed with New Coronavirus infection in New York State, and 5,489 have died.

However, the New York Times said that the change in the number of new hospitalizations may be due to the slowdown in patient growth, it may be due to the tightening of hospitalization standards by overwhelmed hospitals, or these two factors may exist at the same time.

Despite signs of a turning point in the New York State epidemic, Como had previously warned that he cannot be overconfident now, and this week may be the most severe period. New York Mayor Bai Sihao also made a similar statement. At present, more than 3,200 people have died of New Coronary Pneumonia in New York City, which has exceeded the number of people who directly died in the "9.11" incident.

Como confirmed on the same day that the New York City Javits Center Temporary Hospital and the US Navy "Consolation" hospital ship had been determined to accept patients with new coronary pneumonia. Previously, the Javits Center and the "Consolation" both received patients with non-new coronary pneumonia, and the admission rate was very low. New York local media PIX11 said that as of the 6th "Consolation" received a total of about 40 patients.

PIX11 reported that New Jersey, near New York, also recorded a peak of 232 deaths in a single day since the outbreak. The state currently has more than 44,000 diagnosed patients and 1232 deaths. Como said he is negotiating with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut to plan a plan for the three states to fight the epidemic.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of the afternoon of the 7th, there were more than 383,000 New Coronavirus infections in the United States, 12,021 deaths and 20191 recovery. (Finish)