Democratic candidates Lee Nak-yeon and United Party candidate Hwang Kyo-an confronted Seoul's Jongro for the first time.

There have been a lot of talks about the issue of the satellite party in Corona 19 and the impeachment of the past.


The two-on-one discussion of Lee Nak-yeon vs. Hwang Kyo-an started with a smile and a handshake, but sparked immediately.

Hun candidate Hwang attacked the former government's first Prime Minister, Moon Jae-in, saying the government had ruined the country with leftist dictatorship.

[Hwang Gyo-an / Unification Party Jongno candidate, Seoul: Korea was fine. The economy was fine. And the security was strong. However, this regime collapsed in two years.]

Democratic candidate Lee countered the last Prime Minister of the Park Geun-hye government, Hwang, if the country had been fine, would the president have been impeached?

[Lee Nak-yeon / Democratic Party candidate Jongro, Seoul: If it was a good country two or three years ago, why was the impeachment of the first president of the constitutional history? Was the country impeached?

The satellite party was busy blaming each other.

[Lee Nak-yeon / Democratic Party Candidate Jongro, Seoul: A political party was created by the party to which Hwang belongs. In addition, the Democratic Party was proposed to participate in the coalition party from outside.]

[Hwang Kyo-An / Integration Party candidate Jongno, Seoul: I think this candidate has changed his mind. He said, "Proportional parties are tricky." .]

Regarding Corona19 countermeasures, the candidate has entered the lead.

It is that the position of candidate Hwang is going to come and go, such as saying that he would like to carefully plan the extradition and issue government bonds in relation to the emergency fund.

Candidate Hwang countered that there was no change in terms of ensuring that there is no additional burden from the public through government budget transfers.

The two candidates were tense throughout the debate, including Hwang's objection that the moderator was unfair and the recording was temporarily suspended.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho and Ha Ryung, Video editing: Lee So-young)