92-year-old Kerstin Hedman in Sundsvall is in the risk group for the corona virus with heart problems. She stays away in the apartment but since she has no relatives who can help her there will be problems when she goes shopping.

The home service in Sundsvall municipality can help but it is expensive. The forecast she received for four occasions shows a cost of SEK 1475, about SEK 370 per food bag.

- It will be expensive goods, Kerstin notes.

Refers to the rules

In the municipality of Sundsvall you refer to the rules.

"We have a fixed tariff," says the acting director of the Health and Care Administration Annika Backström, who recommends Kerstin to try to find other solutions.

- I heard that the grocery store can send out, but then you have to have a computer and order online and I have no computer, says Kerstin.

SVT's reporter offers to take action

SVT's reporter offers to go and shop but right now Kerstin has food from the latest delivery.

"But thanks for the offer," she says.

In the clip you can hear what Kerstin thinks about the situation and what the managing director answers to the question if you should not help the old and the vulnerable with getting the food home.