(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The Indonesian capital Jakarta has entered a "large-scale social restriction" state

China News Agency, Jakarta, April 7 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Indonesian government responded to the new coronary pneumonia spokesman Yuri Anto on the afternoon of the 7th. The country added 247 new cases of new coronary pneumonia that day, and a total of 2738 cases were diagnosed. Among them, 204 were cured and 221 died.

This is the second consecutive day since the first confirmed cases were detected in Indonesia on March 2 and the largest number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health in Indonesia, 32 of the country ’s 34 provincial administrative regions have reported confirmed cases. The capital city Jakarta has the most serious epidemic, with a total of 1369 cases diagnosed and 106 deaths.

Indonesian Minister of Health Dravan has officially approved the proposal of Jakarta Governor Anis to implement “large-scale social restrictions”. The capital Jakarta Special Zone will enter a "large-scale social restriction" state from the 7th, and all religious sites will be closed, transportation services will also be restricted, and the public may not carry out political, sports, entertainment, academic, and cultural gathering activities. Commercial activities such as supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, natural gas stations, and gas stations that meet the basic needs of the people will continue. The execution period of this state is tentatively 14 days. If it is necessary to fight the epidemic situation, the execution time can be extended after the expiration.

The number of confirmed cases after Jakarta ’s governor of West Java, Lidwan, said on the same day that he would apply for the implementation of a “large-scale "Social restriction" measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The governor of Banten Province, Wahidin, also said on the same day that he is considering the implementation of "large-scale social restrictions" measures in the Datanglang area adjacent to the Jakarta city.

According to news released by the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association that day, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, 1,266 hotels have been closed in Indonesia, and about 150,000 employees have been forced to take unpaid leave. (Finish)