France Paris strengthened restrictions on going out April 8, 6:30 at 8:30

Following the spread of the new coronavirus, the city of Paris in France said that if the restrictions on going out were relaxed, the efforts to date would be wasted. Going out was prohibited.

In France, 78,167 people were confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus by July 7, and the number of dead was 10,328, exceeding 10,000.

Restrictions on going out have been taken nationwide since last month, but you can go out for shopping for daily necessities and consult a hospital, and exercise such as jogging within a 1 km radius of your home for 1 hour. If it is within, it has been accepted.

In this regard, the city of Paris has announced that restrictions will be further tightened from the 8th and banned going out for exercise such as jogging between 10 am and 7 pm.

The reason for this is that hospitals in the city, which are accepting many patients, are still in a severe situation, and if restrictions on going out are relaxed, their efforts will be wasted.

In France, a lot of citizens walked out last weekend in the warm weather of spring, and Mr. Castaner said, `` If the weather is good, there is a risk that it will be loosened, '' and consider strengthening measures with local governments Was called on to do so.