China News Network Harbin, April 7 (Wu Dianfeng Jiang Hui) On the 7th, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment released a message that in accordance with the unified deployment of the Heilongjiang Provincial Headquarters, in order to speed up the removal of flocculated sludge, Luming Mining and Yichun The three parties of the city and the city of Suihua will work together to adopt a combination of specialization, mechanization, and manual removal to comprehensively clean up the river.

On March 28, Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. molybdenum mine tailings reservoir No. 4 overflow well tilted, resulting in increased discharge and accompanied by tailings sand, causing pollution to the water environment. From 21:00 on March 29, Heilongjiang Province launched the second-level emergency response to sudden environmental incidents of tailings from Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. After day and night construction, on March 31, the leak point of the overflow well was blocked. On April 5, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment announced the latest water quality monitoring of the tailings leakage incident at Luming Mining, Yichun. At 14:00 on April 4, 7 of the 13 monitoring sections had molybdenum and chemical oxygen demand (COD) And petroleum projects exceed the standard limit, and other points are below the standard limit.

Since the Heilongjiang Provincial Government initiated the second-level emergency response to environmental accidents in Yiming Luming Mining, under the on-site guidance of the Emergency Guidance Team of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment passed the “pollutant control project” implemented on the Yijimi River The "pollutant cleaning project" implemented on the Hulan River has adopted flocculation and sedimentation methods to effectively reduce pollutants in the river water. The monitoring data shows that the concentration of pollutants in the Yijimi River has dropped significantly, and the peak pollution in the Hulan River has gradually decayed as the sewage sludge moved downstream.

On the morning of April 6, from the main tunnel drainage outlet to the Hongqigou section, Luming Mining Company was organizing large excavators to remove pollutants, pile them up in stock, and transport them all to the tailings pond after drying. Yichun City has dispatched 650 people to add to each clean-up section one after another, implement unified command and unified dispatch, and is carrying out clean-up of river course in an orderly manner. In Suihua City and Qing'an County, nearly 1,000 people were organized. After two days of cleaning, more than 200 cubic meters of pollutants were removed.

The relevant person in charge of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Heilongjiang Province said that only the drinking water source area of ​​Tieli City was affected in this leak, and safeguard measures have been taken to ensure the safety of drinking water. Most other cities and counties along the river basin are groundwater sources, which are not affected. . According to Ma Fang, a member of the National Environmental Emergency Expert Group and a professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, the main feature of this incident is the pollutant molybdenum. The concentration currently detected will not cause harm to plants and humans, nor will it affect groundwater. (Finish)