• Gallera: "Bertolaso ​​is fine, precautionary hospitalization"
  • Bertolaso ​​admitted to San Raffaele


April 7, 2020 "Today I was discharged from San Raffaele. I thank all the doctors and nurses, pride of our country. Men and women who fight on the front line against Covid-19 paying too often in first person with contamination and sometimes unfortunately also with life. Thank you for all the many messages of affection that you have sent me these days. Now come on, there is still much to do. Italy needs everyone's help. "

Guido Bertolaso ​​writes it on Facebook. He had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been hospitalized at San Raffaele in Milan since 25 March .

The former head of civil protection, chosen as a consultant for the Lombardy Region to carry out the hospital project in the spaces of the Fiera di Milano, had spontaneously gone to the hospital to carry out all the tests after having tested positive for the coronavirus.