China News Service, April 7th, according to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Belfast, the Chinese Consulate General in Belfast on April 5 Distributing epidemic prevention and emergency protection supplies, Consul General Zhang Meifang visited the scene to visit the overseas students and distribute "health packs" to student representatives.

Zhang Meifang said that the current epidemic situation continues to spread in the UK and other parts of the world, and the party and government attach great importance to and care about the safety and health of Chinese citizens overseas. President Xi Jinping has made important instructions on this many times, and has repeatedly called the British Prime Minister Johnson, asking the British side to take practical measures to maintain the health and safety of Chinese citizens in the UK, especially those studying abroad. The British side also said it would do its best to take good care of Health and safety of British and Chinese citizens.

Zhang Meifang also said that since the outbreak, the Chinese Consulate General has attached great importance to and actively carried out consular protection and assistance, and maintained close contact with Northern Ireland politicians and persons in charge of the police, education, medical and health institutions, strengthened communication and cooperation, and jointly maintained The health, safety and legal rights of Chinese citizens in Northern Ireland, especially those studying abroad. The issuance of the "health package" is to pass on the concern and care of the party and the government and the care of the motherland to the people studying abroad who insist on the local anti-epidemic. Study with peace of mind, unite and help each other, and overcome the epidemic together. The motherland is a strong backing for everyone, and the consulate general is the home of overseas students. Please feel free to contact us.

(Photo source: Website of the Chinese Consulate General in Belfast)

On the same day, with the assistance of the Queen ’s University of Belfry and the University of Oster University, a total of more than 1,000 overseas students went to the museum to collect emergency protective equipment and provided 20,000 masks with disinfection More than 1,000 packs of towels, more than 2,000 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen capsules, and more than 1,000 copies of anti-epidemic guidebooks. The entire activity strictly implemented various anti-epidemic measures, and "catch the peak" in divided periods, the distribution process was safe and efficient, and the site was in order. The students said that the party and government's care and love for overseas students will be unforgettable all their lives, and the "health pack" has strengthened everyone's confidence in defeating the epidemic. Other students put the flowers they brought under the national flag to express their high respect for the sacrifice of the martyrs in the fight against the epidemic and their endless grief for the dead compatriots.