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Downing Street has lowered the alarm due to the status of "Premier" Boris Johnson and has assured that he is "stable", despite having needed oxygen assistance in the Intensive Care Unit of St. Thomas Hospital, where he has been admitted since Sunday with persistent symptoms of coronavirus. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab meanwhile took the helm of the government and reported the largest increase in daily deaths in the UK: 786 victims in the last 24 hours and 6,159 since the epidemic broke out.

"Every day is a tragedy," acknowledged Raab, who assured that the Government will analyze the situation between now and Monday, before making the decision of a more than possible extension of the "bolt" that started on March 23. "The Prime Minister has left us very clear instructions and that is what we are going to do in the coming days ... I hope to supplant him for a very limited period."

Raab was willing to remain at the head of the government "for as long as deemed necessary" and expressed his confidence in the prime minister's recovery "because he is a fighter."

A Downing Street spokesman, for his part, denied that Johnson had pneumonia as a result of the coronavirus and assured that the "premier" is receiving "standard oxygen assistance" , but that he has not required the use of a respirator or any other "invasive procedure". " The 'premier' is "conscious" and will continue temporarily and under close medical supervision in the ICU.

Johnson, 55, fits the profile of 20% of those infected with severe symptoms such as shortness of breath and shortness of breath. The 'premier' does not have any medical precondition, beyond being overweight. During his stay in the hospital, he has undergone blood tests, X-rays and an electrocardiogram, among other tests.

The fear of doctors is that the respiratory virus, which begins by infecting the throat, ends up causing pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. In 6% of cases, there is a risk of death from lung failure, septic shock, or failure of other vital organs.

"One of the reasons he is in the ICU is for doctors to make the necessary decisions , " Cabinet Minister Michael Gove told the BBC's "Today" program in response to the He asks if Johnson may eventually need a respirator.

Hours later, Gove himself announced his decision to "isolate himself" as a member of his own family had contracted the virus. Gove's "casualty" joins that of the Prime Minister, that of his strategist Dominic Cummings, and that of the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack. Health Secretary Matt Hancock was also quarantined for a week after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Dominic Raab appeared before the media at a press conference with his athletic demeanor and the confidence of having twice passed the test, with the thorny mission of supplanting Boris Johnson at the height of the epidemic in the United Kingdom. .

"It has been a shock to all of us," the foreign secretary admitted, referring to Johnson's sudden hospitalization last Sunday. The 'premier' had to be transferred urgently during the Queen's speech to the nation, with difficulties in breathing, high fever and persistent cough. The decision was made on the fly by his medical team after contemplating Johnson's precarious condition in the last conference call with his ministers from the apartment at 11 Downing Street where he had been quarantined for ten days.

"It is not only the prime minister, and our boss, he is above all a colleague and a friend," pragmatic and cold Dominic Raab conceded in the only personal concession during the press conference, in which he promised "transparency" on the part of the Government , both on Johnson's state and on the coronavirus strategy.


Before Monday, Raab will have to make the decision to extend Johnson's "social distance" measures nearly three weeks ago. In his appearance before the press Raab hinted that the 'premier' has a very clear idea about it: " The measures are working, but we cannot lift our foot from the pedal . We have to continue to be disciplined with the measures of social distance, or we we risk losing lost ground. "

Scientific advisor Patrick Vallance admitted that the United Kingdom is still "two or three weeks behind Italy" and assured that the Government's objective is to ensure that daily incomes do not exceed available beds, although the field hospitals built in the The last two weeks have hardly had to be used at the moment.

The number of deaths in the last 24 hours (786) even exceeds the figures for Spain. The total number of deaths is 6,159 , with a special incidence in London and in the north of England. A total of 55,242 Britons have tested positive for the coronavirus . Vallance assured that the number of new cases is decreasing and that the country can turn the curve in a week or two.

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