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Official statistics say that only 0.2% of those killed by coronavirus are under the age of 30. Just a handful of cases in the hideous tide, but always shocking.

Óscar Beamud did not resist any more in the face of severe pneumonia and died on April 5, at only 25 years old and an attempt to comeback that could not be. His little sister, Celeste , was narrating in the last days in the chat of friends a certain improvement, after spending them in the ICU of the Hospital of Ávila .

There he got quite badly, after fever days, visits to the health center of his town, El Barco de Ávila , and an ambulance on the run to the walled city. "He told us that on Saturday [April 4] they were going to wake him up, that he had improved with a treatment. The news was good ... And suddenly ...", his friend Iván , Pinchi in the gang narrates with anguish.

On Sunday, Oscar went into a spin, with no solution. "Previous risk factors", point out from the hospital center, upon confirming his death. From their environment, they reduce buts to overweight and loose cigarettes. Nothing else.

"He was very good. He was a strong kid, okay, but he had never had problems," says Adolfo , from Clipper , a competition bar and at the same time a friend of Tormes , Óscar and his mother, in charge for just a year. The two, after going through the kitchen of the Hostal Bellavista , on the main road, had taken over this tavern that was in full growth. His father dispatched in a butcher shop upstairs.

"Those days came a lot of tourism"

"They worked very well. They had a lot of work," says Ivan, as he reviews the photos from the last carnival. Óscar, always responsible, as they tell from El Barco, barely went out for a walk at the February parties, without disguise this time, for the task that awaited him behind his bar.

He had studied hospitality and pastry in Ávila and Salamanca. "A worker", repeat the friends who grew up with him in this tourist town, access to the Sierra de Gredos , route of passage of Carlos V to Yuste and famous for the beans and their revolconas potatoes with torreznos, like the ones that Oscar put in the Tormes. There, intuits his people, the damn bug caught him.

"Those days a lot of tourism came. I would take it then. Guess what," a friend suspects on the eve of the declaration of the state of alarm, when many destinations such as El Barco suddenly filled with urban visitors in search of clean air and owners. of second addresses.

In fact, as they recalled this Monday in the municipality's Facebook groups, even that week, before the national collapse, Óscar served some red to customers who went to the funeral of those killed by Covid-19.

"He was followed closely"

His sequence was the one known in the worst stories of the disease, with the vertigo caused by those as young as him. After closing the Tormes, after a few days he began to feel bad. The fever rose, the dry cough broke out. He preferred to endure at home, until the family already encouraged him to go to the health center.

"He underwent an intense follow-up, before sending him to Ávila," they report from the local ambulatory, shocked by the terrible end of his patient.

Oscar's mother's Facebook post.

"The first week was very bad. His family received a call every afternoon from the doctors, where they were telling them. But the last few days, when they got better, they even told them that they were going to be able to make a video call for him," says Iván, in the middle of Monday. Black of memories with the Madrid colleague, of common Extremoduro songs and of long-standing plans in Tormes for Easter , due to the traditional crowding of the Boat on these dates.

"And we can't even fire him. What a shame, dammit."

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