So, on April 8, two Aeroflot flights from New York and Male are planned to Moscow.

On April 9, the company can deliver Russians to Moscow from Denpasar. April 10 - from Thailand to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“The airline can deliver Russians from Larnaca to these same cities. On April 10, two Siberia flights from Bangkok to Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, as well as a Tokyo-Vladivostok flight, were included in the draft schedule, ”the ministry said.

April 11 may continue to export citizens from Bangkok. Antalya-Moscow flight is also possible.

“Ural Airlines can deliver Russians to Krasnoyarsk, Kazan and Ufa. Previously, Aeroflot flights from Madrid, Tokyo, Podgorica and Goa to Moscow were included in the plan for April 12 and 13, ”they said there.

The schedule is finally approved by the Coronavirus Operational Headquarters of the Government.

According to the Ministry of Transport, about 25.8 thousand Russians expressed a desire to return home from abroad.

Only those who have registered on a special page on the public services portal can return to the country.