China News Service, April 7 (Xinhua) According to the website of the Hubei Health and Welfare Committee, Zhang Jingjing, a Shandong medical aid team member, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and failed after all efforts. He died on the evening of April 6, 2020. The Hubei Provincial Health Commission expressed deep condolences to Zhang Jingjing on the 7th and sincere condolences to his family.

Zhang Jingjing, the first batch of medical aid team members from Shandong Province and the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, returned to Shandong after the end of the aid mission and returned to Shandong for centralized isolation and medical observation. Sudden cardiac arrest, after ineffective treatment, died unfortunately on the evening of April 6, 2020. The Hubei Provincial Health Commission expressed its deep condolences to Comrade Zhang Jingjing and sincere condolences to his family!

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, medical personnel from all over the country have responded to the call of the Party Central Committee to provide aid to Hubei and Wuhan, to wear armor in white clothes, to go retroactively, to die and go forward, to make important contributions to winning the prevention and control of the epidemic. During the anti-epidemic period in Huanggang City, Comrade Zhang Jingjing regarded patients as loved ones and guarded life with great love. He was hailed as "a beam of light in the dark night" by the patients, demonstrating the noble spirit of the doctor's benevolence.

At present, after arduous efforts, the spread of the local epidemic in China, with Wuhan as the main battlefield, has been basically blocked, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved important results in stages. The medical team that aided Hubei also set off for their hometowns and returned to their loved ones. We extend our high respect and heartfelt thanks to the medical workers who support Hubei! Your great love for Hubei without borders, we will always remember!

Screenshot of Hubei Provincial Health Commission website