A few days ago it was noticed that there were movie clips on social media where two people were walking around Eskilstuna and coughing up other people. The films were posted on social media as a form of jokes in coronation times.

What the police believe about the joke is clear anyway:

"Stop this idiocy right away, that's my opinion," says Thomas Bergqvist, municipal police in Eskilstuna.

After the film clips were noticed in the media, they were removed by those who posted them. But they can mean some kind of harassment.

Prison in the scale of punishment

There have also been other, more threatening situations. On Sunday evening, a man in his 60s was arrested in central Eskilstuna after coughing and spitting at passersby. The man is arrested and is suspected of attempted cruelty.

According to Thomas Bergqvist, both cases are about suspected crimes that can lead to fines and even imprisonment.

Contact the police if you are uninjured

According to Bergqvist, it is especially important that the person who is subjected to a fraud is active.

- Defamation is a so-called infringement. This is how you are exposed to this - contact the police so you can get a report prepared. Because this must be stopped, we cannot have people behaving this way.

In the clip, Thomas Bergqvist tells more about the suspected corona-related crimes.