Can a pandemic help land on Mars?

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] At the time of the New Crown Virus pandemic, NASA experts said that the outbreak will help astronauts learn how to land on another planet without pollution.

According to CNN reported on the 6th, NASA's "Perseverance" rover will travel to Mars to collect some rock, mineral and soil samples. These samples may contain paleontological fossils that once lived in water to help scientists understand whether there are living things on Mars. However, one of the most important tasks is the collection and storage of samples. Astronauts do not want to carry the bacteria on the surface of Mars, because it may pollute the Martian environment, and even make the sample detection error. Therefore, the collection and isolation of samples need to be cautious. The current experience of combating coronavirus infection is helpful for astronaut training. For example, the spacecraft must be sufficiently disinfected before launch, the lander should be hidden in a "clean room" inside the spacecraft, and the astronauts wear head-to-toe Protective clothing with masks to enter and exit.

However, NASA experts said that compared with the prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic, the protection of Mars operations will be more stringent. (Sun Wenguang)