China News Service, April 7th, comprehensive Japanese media reported that with the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Japan, the cumulative number of cases diagnosed in Japan exceeded 4,000, and the epidemic in Tokyo was particularly serious. In view of the growing severity of the epidemic, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the media on the 6th that he will issue an emergency declaration "on the 7th at the earliest." The target area will be 7 prefectures including Tokyo. The duration is about 1 month. The Japanese economic community expressed support for this.

4000 diagnosed domestically, severe epidemic in Tokyo

In Japan, 225 newly diagnosed people were infected with the new coronavirus on the 6th, and a total of 4061 people were diagnosed. The epidemic situation in Tokyo is serious. The total number of infected persons in Tokyo reached 1116, and a total of 1034 inpatients after excluding the dead and discharged.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 6th that 83 newly diagnosed people were infected with the new coronavirus. Although it is less than the weekend of more than 100 people on two consecutive days, Tokyo believes that the number of diagnoses is still increasing, and calls for increased vigilance. As many as 73 people could not trace the infection path, accounting for nearly 90%. In terms of age, there are 54 young people in their 20s and 40s. There were no deaths and serious patients.

To give priority to the treatment of critically ill patients, the Metropolitan Government will transfer mild and asymptomatic patients to accommodation facilities such as hotels from the 7th.

Abe announces state of emergency as soon as 7 days

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the media at the official residence on the 6th that it will be released on the 7th. The target areas will be Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka. The duration is about 1 month. It is expected that the declaration will be released on April 7 and explained at the press conference that it will take effect on the 8th. Abe judges that the epidemic has spread rapidly throughout Japan and has entered a stage that has a huge impact on national life and the economy.

The declaration of emergency is based on special measures. This is the first time it has been issued under this law, and it will be possible to take measures to restrict private rights. In the context of the spread of the global epidemic, Japan ’s domestic response is facing an important situation.

The procedure for issuing a declaration is that Abe makes a comprehensive judgment based on the opinions of an advisory committee composed of experts, and then specifies the deadline and target area. The House of Representatives and the House of Representatives will hold a meeting of the House Operations Committee to hear Abe's report on the 7th. Relevant government officials said in the manifesto, "It is a foregone conclusion to release on the 7th." The cadres of the Liberal Democratic Party explained the implementation time "to continue until May 6".

With the release of the declaration, the requirement to avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings will obtain legal basis, but Abe made it clear to the media that "the city will not be closed like overseas. He also mentioned that public transportation will still operate, emphasizing that it will prevent the spread of the epidemic while maintaining economic and social activities as much as possible.

It is reported that the governor of the target area can take the following measures: (1) request to avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings; (2) request or instruct to stop or restrict the use of schools, movie theaters, etc .; (3) compulsory requisition of medicines, etc. In addition, it can order the sale and storage of materials such as food and medicine, and stipulates penalties for non-cooperation.

Support from the economic community

In view of the expansion of the new coronavirus epidemic, the Japanese government will issue a declaration of emergency on the 7th. Most of the economic circles have affirmed this, and it also requires a certain degree of consideration to avoid the social infrastructure from stopping after the declaration.

On the 6th, the president of Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Hong Kong Federation of Economic and Trade Unions) Hongming said at a regular press conference, "If the government judges to issue a declaration, the government and the people will work together to effectively respond to the current situation." He also stressed that this is necessary to prevent medical collapse.

The "New Economic Alliance" (New Economic Alliance), a group led by Lotte Chairman and President Hiroyuki Miki, who serves as a representative director and mainly IT companies, also strongly requested an urgent declaration of emergency. In a statement issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the 4th in which the number of newly infected people exceeded 100 for the first time in a single day, the New Economic Federation requested that a declaration be issued as soon as possible. As of 4 pm on the 6th, about 140 companies agreed.

On the other hand, the economic community hopes to release the declaration while taking into account the impact on economic activities. The government intends to allow companies and shops that support life infrastructure to continue their business. China and the West pointed out at a press conference on the 6th: "For ensuring a lifeline, detailed rules (which become a rough standard for corporate activities) are required.