China News Service, April 6th, according to the Qinghai Health and Welfare Committee website, on April 6, Qinghai Province found a case of asymptomatic infection with a new type of coronavirus imported overseas.

Basic situation: An Mou, male, 54 years old, Dutch nationality, has long lived in Xining City, Qinghai Province. On March 21, the couple took a flight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and entered Xiamen at 9:00 on March 22. On the same day, they transferred from Xiamen to Xianyang and arrived at Xining Caojiabao Airport at 23:45. Accompanied by personnel and professional staff, the special transfer vehicle was sent to the house for strict home isolation observation. During the whole period, masks were worn, the body temperature was normal, and there were no symptoms of discomfort. On April 5th, he was tested for nucleic acid before de-quarantine. The Xining Coronary Virus nucleic acid was positive (no fever, no cough, etc.) by the Xining CDC, and his wife was negative. In the early hours of April 6th, after being reviewed by the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a new coronavirus nucleic acid was positive and confirmed to be an asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus imported from abroad. It was transferred to the Third People's Hospital of Xining for medical isolation and observation. Close contacts have followed and made the necessary isolation observations.