China News Service, April 6 (Xinhua) According to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, a blood collection station in a small town in northern Italy broke out recently. The blood collection station conducted a virus screening of 60 blood donors and found that 40 blood donors were Positive reactions were all asymptomatic patients.

On March 23, local time, in the Intensive Care Unit of Cremona Hospital in southeastern Milan, Italy, medical staff are treating severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia.

According to reports, a blood collection station at the Cordonio City Hospital in Lodi Province, Lombardy, Italy, recently found that 60 voluntary blood donors were tested for viruses, of which 40 were positive for the new coronavirus, equivalent to nearly 70% Of voluntary unpaid blood donors may have been infected with the new coronary pneumonia virus. The incident caused great concern from Italian health authorities. Medical experts believe that this is because there are many asymptomatic patients with new coronary pneumonia in the area.

According to reports, the 60 voluntary unpaid blood donors are all from the small town of Castiglione D'adda in the Italian province of Lodi. Among them, 40 blood donors tested to be infected with the new coronavirus were all asymptomatic patients. These people are completely unaware that they are carriers of the virus and have been active in the town, and some of them are still working. At present, the above-mentioned personnel have been isolated at home.

According to reports, 40 asymptomatic patients who volunteered to donate blood have attracted the interest of researchers because antibodies have been detected in the blood of some of them. The researchers plan to treat critically ill patients with plasma that has produced antibodies. Next, the researchers will investigate the plasma of all blood donors in the severely affected areas.

Italian medical experts said that despite the current emergency situation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the health department still welcomes voluntary voluntary blood donation.

The person in charge of the blood collection station at the Kodonio Hospital said that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the blood collection station will now conduct a virus test on every blood donor. If it is positive, blood donors will be immediately asked to be quarantined; if it is negative, it will need to be re-examined after 72 hours before deciding whether to collect blood to ensure the safety of the blood source.

Experts at the Kodónio Hospital said that although 40 of the 60 voluntary unpaid blood donors had a positive reaction to the new coronavirus, the initial test results may be different from the swab sampling results. (Boyuan)