By the presence of their country under the British throne, the British, along with the Canadians, are awaiting a speech by Queen Elizabeth of Britain, which will be broadcast hours later, to be the fifth during her 68-year rule, in which she will talk about the difficult conditions facing Britain, the Commonwealth countries and the world at large due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.

In monitoring political followers, it became clear that Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, who was born this month, specifically on April 21 in 1926, and who is currently 93, spoke to the people last time in 2012, on the anniversary of the Diamond Jubilee to take over and the 60th anniversary of She ascends the throne.

As for the other three times, it was in the year 1991 at the beginning of the war in the Arab Gulf region, and the second in 1997, days after the death of Princess Diana and following the transmission of information about the royal family's involvement in the princess’s murder, while the third time was in The year 2002 following the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Mother.

According to the observers, the queen's speech will not carry new information about the type of measures taken to combat the emerging corona, or about the most important scientific research in which scientists are currently busy inventing a treatment and vaccine for the virus. Wisely and disciplinedly.

The preventive and precautionary measures related to fighting Corona ruled the queen by registering her message through the smallest technical team that dealt with her during her reign, where the visual message was filmed following the most severe conditions and precautions, and the team was shortened to only one photographer who appeared before her alone, to record the queen's message that will convey words and sentences Support the British in a way that is never similar to what the people had experienced in times of disasters and crises, including the initiation of the parents of the Queen, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Mother during World War II, to move in the field to visit families who were subjected to war bombing in us S East London.

The Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain, is the longest-lived British monarch, and is the constitutional queen of 16 countries. He has also chaired the Church of England since February 6, 1952.